Therapeutic bodywork is a

massage technique that directly

addresses issues in the body that 

are stressful, painful or not

functioning properly. These conditions can be caused by muscle tension from day-to-day stress, or by an injury, or by overuse [doing the same movement too often]. And, all my patients are fully clothed when on the table.



                                      A few conditions of the body I


                                      1} tight shoulders/neck;

                                      2} low back pain;       

                                      3} tension in any area; 

                                      4} hip problems/imbalances;

                                         5} sciatica pain;

                                      6} carpal tunnel;

                                      7} plantar fasciitis;

                                      8} TMJ. 

And, a powerful technique I use is called "MET." It's a technique that helps muscles to relax by telling the brain to allow muscles to release; it's a fascinating procedure that has long term effects on body tension.  

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I do therapeutic bodywork.