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Tom is the best of the best! He is highly knowledgeable and skilled.

                               He is also a genuinely kind human.

                                               - Ashley R, Phoenix, AZ.

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Below are several testimonials from 
clients.  Read them all . . .  and perhaps the best is at the bottom . . . Suzanne A - and her real, live, unrehearsed interview.
[when I worked in Berkeley].   



After taking several thousand hours in bodywork classes and having received many of Tom's bodywork sessions, I highly value his work. He is very effective with pain relief, calming the nervous system and repetitive motion injuries.

* Keesha Standley, massage therapist since 1993 and massage teacher since 1997, Sacramento, CA.


Tom has a wonderful intuitive healing touch, which he uses right alongside his vast knowledge of anatomy and physiology. He has worked on me for 6+ years, and in that time, I gained a better understanding of the body mechanics and root causes of some of my issues.  I also felt I gained a more subtle, but powerful, energetic awareness which I experienced in that deep relaxed healing state of his treatments. He is truly a generous, knowledgeable, professional practitioner. 

* Stephanie Conway, Board member at Mt. Madonna Center, Project manager and HR, Watsonville, CA.


Tom has a gentle approach and manner which allows me to relax and sense what was happening in my body.  I highly recommend him!!!  * Kamalesh Hooven, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist, Guatemala 

Tom is a truly gifted healer. He is by far one of the top

therapists I have had the pleasure to work with.

He's like having my own personal somatic therapist,

masseuse, and chiropractor all rolled into one!

He seems to use his vast knowledge, as well as

intuition, to locate the places where my body is

holding both physical, energetic, and emotional tension.

He then creates the most compassionate and

effective pathway into those tissues. 

He custom-designs each session just the way I need it.

Thank you Tom!  You are an important member of my mental and physical healthcare team.  *Chelsea, Oakland, CA.

I saw Tom on a weekly basis for a year and I've been incredibly grateful for the progress we made in treating my chronic pain and muscle tension. Tom's manner is warm and sincere and I always feel at ease with him. He has been very attentive throughout each and every session.  Tom's practice of Muscle Energy Techniques has been a real game changer for me! I have experienced: better pain management, increased somatic awareness, mood improvements, improvements in digestion not to mention better sleep. I have so benefited from Tom's caring support and I cannot recommend him enough! Thank you, Tom!  * Alisha, Crocket, CA.

                                                                                                 Tom has been really great with helping

                                                                                  with different tensions that I have in my

                                                                                  back!  I always feel extremely relaxed

                                                                                  and loose when I leave his office each

                                                                                  week.  Tom has a strong touch that

                                                                                  seems extremely intuitive.

                                                                                  I was new to orthopedic massage and

                                                                                  although it is much different than

                                                                                 "regular massage", I have ended up

                                                                                  really liking itI highly recommend                                                                                                      Tom! * Dr. Jessica Lips, chiropractor in

                                                                                                           Berkeley, CA.

 I came in with a snowboarding injury and over two sessions with Tom was able to move, swim and exercise again! Tom offered me targeted sports massage to release tension. It's exactly what I needed. There are many other approaches to                       bodywork but Tom's has been the most effective. It can be hard to find the right healer on Yelp, but if you need a powerful, targeted massage with a deep understanding of physiology and anatomy, Tom is a great choice.  * Ashwin, San Francisco, CA.

Intune with the ways of the body, musculoskeletal and nervous system - that sums up Tom's method!!  My body is responding effectively.  I generally do not want male practitioners for bodywork, but I feel completely respected and recommend him to anyone who wants more awareness and comfortability in their body!   * Mama G, licensed midwife, El Sobrante, CA.

Tom has a very special combination of experience, intuition and skill. He is a great listener and really understands the body. He helped me find pain relief after 6 years of chronic back/hip pain. After my first session, I had my first pain free night of sleep in months. I highly recommend Tom!   * Suzanne A, Berkeley, CA.     [an interview with Suzanne, when I was working in Berkeley]  



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