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Muscle Energy Technique

"M.E.T." is a special technique I use. This technique is best known as a way to relax tense muscles. And, it's a very easy, painless technique to do.   Technically explained: the brain gets involved by sending a message to a muscle that then turns off                                                            certain neurons and allows                                                      the muscle to relax!].

                                              It's remarkably easy, yet                                                            incredibly effective!    

                                              But, MET has another effect

                                              that isn't as well known: it can

                                              help a part of the body that

                                              has been "separated"  or 

                                              "disassociated" with the rest of

                                              the body - thus it's 

                                              functioning poorly and can

                                              feel disabled.   This can

                                              happen thru physical        

injury or emotional trauma [even from experiences in our past].   So, that part of the body becomes less able to do its normal job.    This is EXACTLY where MET helps the brain re-establish a connection to the body!!  I've had amazing results with clients!  Here's an example: MET - re-establishing a connection

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