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Born in Cincinnati Ohio, I moved to the wilds of Big Sur in the 70's and, at the tender age of 24, found the freedom to express myself and develop self identity and spiritual awareness.      After that, I had the auspicious opportunity to move to the spiritual community of Mt. Madonna Center -  where I became a founding member. There, my responsibilities were as diverse as the weather: organic garden manager, fireman, water system operator, financial reconciler, security officer, HR rep and herbalist - AND bodyworker.     Two important passionate life activities of mine have been: 1) collecting herbs at  9,000' in the Sierras since 1998; 2) doing therapeutic massage!   At Mt. Madonna, I  learned the traditional system of Ashtanga Yoga and the incredible value of a daily practice of meditation and self discipline. . . that bring selfless service, non violence,  truthfulness and humility. I bring those qualities of life to my massage table with a deeper understanding of human nature and we the people who are it!   

My present life involves many joyful things - from a love of gardening, to doing community service, to a daily meditation practice, to just living a happy, positive life!!!   And, part of that is doing bodywork to fulfill my desire to help others heal as well as to serve humanity in a way that I know really well thru positive interactions, meeting people without judgement and being supportive.

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